Our Story

Comprehension-based and Assessment Training.

Our Story.

Immediate Immersion started back in 2008 as teachforjune Workshops.

We have been training teachers through workshops, webinars, and conferences ever since.

In 2013, we started to offer our Immediate Immersion curriculum in Spanish and in 2017 added French.

And in 2018, we created the first annual, totally online comprehensible-input conference, COMPREHENDED!

Immediate Immersion is committed to teachers and is committed to bringing comprehensible-based instruction to classrooms everywhere.

Our Mission.

Immediate Immersion’s mission is to TRANSFORM world-language classrooms through comprehension-based training, innovative curricula, and student-focused materials.

What We Do.

Immediate Immersion provides comprehension-based and assessment training to world-language teachers around the world.

Immediate Immersion also creates innovative, versatile, customizable, and relevant comprehension-based curricula to implement comprehensible input in the classroom.

My story.

My name is Scott Benedict and I’ve been teaching using comprehensible input and TPRS since the fall of 2001.

I have taught high school for twelve years and have been teaching middle school since 2013.

I started presenting on grading and assessment and TPRS in 2008 and have presented for many school districts, at a variety of national, international and regional conferences, many local workshops, and online via webinars.

I’m the owner of Immediate Immersion (formerly teachforjune Workshops) and founder of the COMPREHENDED! conference.

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