Get Stuff DONE!

As teachers, we all need TIME to get things done.

Many of us work in isolation, need inspiration, need support, and need accountability!

What if you set aside time on your calendar to get stuff DONE with support of a mentor, inspiration from a community, and the accountability of your peers?

What if you actually got DONE what you set out to do without interruptions?

What if this could actually be a reality?

Would you do it?

Introducing the "Let's Create Hour!"

We all know that we'd get more done if we set aside TIME and we had ACCOUNTABILITY!

Well, now you can with "Let's Create Hour!"

Each "Let's Create Hour!" is a set time to get something DONE with the help of a mentor and encouragement, motivation, and ACCOUNTABILITY of your peers.

At the end of each "Let's Create Hour!" session, you will have created something concrete that you can use in your class the very next day!

How it Works!

1. Instruction

The first 30 minutes of every "Let's Create Hour!" will give you the instruction and tools you'll need to accomplish the hour's goal.

2. Create

The next 60 minutes will be dedicated to getting the hour's goal accomplished. You will be working independently with your peers and mentor standing by to help you if you need it.

3. Accountability

At the end of each "Let's Create Hour!" you will check in with your mentor and peers for the accountability piece.

Mentor Support

Every step of the way, I will be there to help you through that task of the "Let's Create Hour!"

I can be in your ear coaching you as you go or just be a resource when you get stuck. It's totally up to you!


Ideas can sometimes be hard to come by. But bouncing ideas off your peers often generates inspiration that will help you get your ideas off the ground.

And now armed with an idea, your create time will be productive.

Peer Accountability

Accountability is the piece that can mean the difference between having something finished or something that is ever in progress.

Knowing that you will be accountable for the work you put in is the key to your success!

Who am I?

My name is Scott Benedict and I'm just your average, goofy, Spanish teacher!

I've been using comprehension-based methods since 2001 and have been a language consultant and presenter since 2008.

I have presented at major conferences in the US, Mexico, and Europe. I have presented for school districts across the US. I have taught hundreds of online webinars.

But most importantly, I'm someone who can support you and your goals to create the best comprehension-based classroom for your students.

I'm here for you not only during the Let's Create Hour!, but also just a quick email away if you need me afterward!

Let's Create!

Scott Benedict

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Let's Create Story Script

Story Script


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Let's Create Extended Reading

Extended Reading


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Let's Create Embedded Reading

Embedded Reading


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Let's Create Storyboard



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Let's Create Rubric



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Let's Create Sub Plans

Sub Plans


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Let's Create MovieTalk



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Let's Create Kahoot!/Blooket/Gimkit



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Let's Create Open Hour

OPEN hour!


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